G617 na spacerze

Trochę spacerów w ostatnim czasie było dlatego już niebawem pojawi się update z powstałych zdobyczy. Będzie głównie G617, w którego wkręcam się coraz bardziej, ale nie zabraknie też i stacjonarnych prac z 8x10 :)   



Fuji G617 visits the sea

During the long May weekend at the seaside with Monika, Mikołaj and Marcel, I had the opportunity to take a few shots from the seaside landscape.

Panoramic photos are a new challenge for me, but I am more and more convinced of them.
It's a new quality, a new look, a new process ... Now just go to the gumoil;) to complete the work.

Film: Ilford HP5Plus 400 @ 800
Developer: DD-X (20 degrees)
Scanning: it's definitely for improvement

First walk around Warsaw with Fuji G617

In Warsaw for the first walk with Fuji I chose Mokotow and around the "Warszawa Służewiec" station. It's probably my weakness for "lights and shadows" in architecture - that's why I decided on such a "strange place" , dirty, sometimes unfinished and without people. Of course Panorama in architecture is a completely new look for me and I admit that sometimes it was not easy to compose a frame - a wide frame changes the whole view of everything and especially the details that I have photographed so far.
It does not change the fact that after all a few "objects" gave me ideas for the next sets.

Camera: Fuji G617 (6x17)
Film: Ilford HP5 +
Developer: Ilford DD-X (standard time and temperature)
Scanning: I will make changes here.

Tomiyama Art Panorama 6x17 visit NYC!

Below you will find a few photos from the trip to NYC!
A great city, but an even more fantastic experience.
During those few days of wonderful walks with Monika (https://www.facebook.com/mesza.monikaszalek) I wanted to capture what captivated me the most.
These few frames below were created on Tomiyama Art Panorama 6x17, to which I am more and more convinced, and which gives me a new look on how to take pictures, not only in the context of the composition, frame but also the technique.


Tomiyama Art Panorama 6x17
Ilford HP5+ 400@800 @ Ilford DD-X, 20C


The climate of NYC, gave the insufficiency of the frames and moments that I would like to present once more, better. Of course, what I put in with Hasselblad (another post) gave me a huge lesson under the name of a tripod, a tripod and once again a tripod, which this time was definitely lacking...