DIY Photography - Latarka LED jako oświetlanie portretowe

Na sttronie znajduje się tutorial jak przerobić zwykłą latarkę LED w doskonałe i tanie (!) narzędzie do oświetlenia portretowego. 

Tekst źródłowy na stronie autora a poniżej kilka kroków z tutoriala


For new readers:  you’ll need:

1 x Ultrafire flashlight or torch (as we call them in England.)
1 x 32” length of 1.5” white plumbing pipe: £2
1 x white pluming pipe end cap: £1
1 x tie wraps (ideally clear): £1

A saw, a drill, tinfoil, small sheet of sand paper (to smooth any rough edges) and a pair of scissors.

Tip:  Test the pipe with the torch before you buy it as some varieties are rather pink once lit!

Step 1:

Measure 11” from either end of the 32” length of pipe and cut halfway through the pipe with a saw.

Step 2:

Now cut the pipe down its width from the end nearest your cut, effectively removing a slice of pipe.

Step 3:

Pop the flashlight snugly into the new opening. You can either simply hold it in place to use it now or fix it into place with the tie wraps.

Step 4:
The end cap is the same diameter as the pipe, so if you cut four small slices out if cap be forced into the pipe. (see picture below)

Before fitting it to the pipe, screw up a ball of tinfoil and place it in the end far of pipe to act as a reflector (I tried various things including mirrors) and force on end cap.

Step 5:
You can also fit a length of thick black tape to the rear of the pipe to reflect the light forward.

That’s it, now you’ve made  a £20 version of Westcott’s £500 Ice Light!… Either that or some may say a  light saber.