Walk around Warsaw with Fuji G617

As always, it's good to stroll around Warsaw, discover new places (or see the old ones again) and find details that will be interesting in their simplicity, form.

I'm starting to understand Fuji G617 better and see its potential. Until now, I thought it would work only for landscapes, but it looks pretty good in presenting details.

I used ILFORD HP5 + film, which I turned up from 400ISO to 1600ISO. The film coped very well with this increase and the development process went without any problems.

Camera:     Fuji G617
Film:           Ilford HP5Plus 400 @ 1600
Developer:  DD-X (20 degrees)
Scanning:    Epson V700, better results but to improve


Weekend with Fujica GW690III in Columna Medica

Visiting Columna Medica I took the opportunity and shoot some frames with Fujica GW690III, a handy monster (6x9 frame format) that works in every situation.

As a film I chose my favorite ILFORD Delta 3200, which not only has a beautiful grain but is also great for any manipulation with a change in sensitivity. I changed the native sensitivity of 3200 to 1250 and in the development process I used times for 1600. Effects below :)

Camera:     Fujica GW690III
Film:           Ilford Delta 3200 @ 1250 ; develop in 1600
Developer:  DD-X (20 degrees)
Scanning:    Epson V700, better results but to improve

Gallery below - enjoy!

Fuji G617 visits the sea

During the long May weekend at the seaside with Monika, Mikołaj and Marcel, I had the opportunity to take a few shots from the seaside landscape.

Panoramic photos are a new challenge for me, but I am more and more convinced of them.
It's a new quality, a new look, a new process ... Now just go to the gumoil;) to complete the work.

Film: Ilford HP5Plus 400 @ 800
Developer: DD-X (20 degrees)
Scanning: it's definitely for improvement

First walk around Warsaw with Fuji G617

In Warsaw for the first walk with Fuji I chose Mokotow and around the "Warszawa Służewiec" station. It's probably my weakness for "lights and shadows" in architecture - that's why I decided on such a "strange place" , dirty, sometimes unfinished and without people. Of course Panorama in architecture is a completely new look for me and I admit that sometimes it was not easy to compose a frame - a wide frame changes the whole view of everything and especially the details that I have photographed so far.
It does not change the fact that after all a few "objects" gave me ideas for the next sets.

Camera: Fuji G617 (6x17)
Film: Ilford HP5 +
Developer: Ilford DD-X (standard time and temperature)
Scanning: I will make changes here.

Tomiyama Art Panorama 6x17 visit NYC!

Below you will find a few photos from the trip to NYC!
A great city, but an even more fantastic experience.
During those few days of wonderful walks with Monika (https://www.facebook.com/mesza.monikaszalek) I wanted to capture what captivated me the most.
These few frames below were created on Tomiyama Art Panorama 6x17, to which I am more and more convinced, and which gives me a new look on how to take pictures, not only in the context of the composition, frame but also the technique.


Tomiyama Art Panorama 6x17
Ilford HP5+ 400@800 @ Ilford DD-X, 20C


The climate of NYC, gave the insufficiency of the frames and moments that I would like to present once more, better. Of course, what I put in with Hasselblad (another post) gave me a huge lesson under the name of a tripod, a tripod and once again a tripod, which this time was definitely lacking...

Błony Mammograficzne Na Start! cz.2

Carestream Mammography 8x10” - po wywołaniu i bardzo szybkim skanie. Skany nie powalają jakością, ale nie o to chodziło w tym teście. Najważniejsze, że cała procedura zadziałała, a rozcieńczenie Rodinala dało ładne przejścia tonalne. 

Teraz można zabrać się za właściwe zdjęcia. 

Aha, jedna uwaga.
Kadr front to: f/13 1/250 ISO64
Kadr profil_1(bliższy): f/11, 1/250, ISO64
Kadr profil_2(dalszy):  f/11,  1/250, ISO100

Różnice w profilowych nie są jakieś powalające, raczej subtelne, dlatego zamierzam zrobić jeszcze próby na ISO między 200 a 400

Zdjęcia wstawione odpowiednio

Zrzut ekranu 2018-01-11 o 16.15.08.png